Criminals Are Negligent With Police

Some people feel that police are evil racist pigs, and some are, but fail to realize that it is rare for a person who isn’t involved in criminal activity to have an encounter with police.

Sure, there are sometimes when you may run into police working security for private and public needs, and other times when dealing with minor traffic citations, but for the most part people don’t have normal contact with police.

When you do have an encounter with police, its important to remain cordial and respectful as it will only help whatever situation you are in.

Lord forbid your being bothered in connection with a crime. If you are the suspect, say nothing.

Take the case of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri for example.

Outside of the ignorance being demonstrated by criminal looters, Michael Brown seems to have gotten himself killed as a result of a poor attitude, and an even worse strategy of dealing with the police.

If he had cooperated with Ferguson Police, and did as he was told, he might have kept his life and did a little jail time for a strong armed robbery felony (if convicted in the court of law), but at least he would be alive.

Not that I am justifying the Michael Brown shooting either. If the report is true that Michael Brown charged at that police officer, the cop had no other option but to shoot to kill.

There are too many cases of police being killed with their own guns and with the flare-up of emotions from a man charging at an armed police officer, while not armed himself, there’s no telling how the whole fiasco would have ended if the police officer hadn’t shot him. I would have done the same thing and I’m a black man.

Before you go creating a situation in which dumb-asses feel justified to destroy their own community in support of a felon, be sure to cooperate with police if you are being lawfully (or unlawfully) detained.

The streets aren’t the place to argue with police.

That’s what the legal system and attorneys are for.