Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney for DWI Cases

Texas Criminal Defendant in Court

Being charged with Driving While Intoxicated in Austin, TX does not mean you’ll be automatically convicted of a felony. If you’re looking for legal advice, contact a qualified criminal attorney in Austin, TX. However, there are several occasions when DWI charges may be translated to a felony conviction. Someone who has been charged with DWI in Texas for more than two times the third charge is charged as a felony. If a drunk driver causes an accident where someone is hurt or disfigured the driver is accused of a felony and when the driver knocks down a pedestrian to death the driver is also charged with a felony.

Drunk driving accidents have been a great problem in Texas, and hence people convicted with DWI charges face severe punishments like being jailed, their license may be suspended or face probation. However, Driving While Intoxicated or felony charges isn’t the end of life especially if unjustly accused, all you need to do is to look for a reputable criminal defense attorney in Austin that handles DWI cases to help you. The following are some tips to guide you when looking for a good DWI lawyer.

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Austin

Drunk driving is a criminal offense, but you should know that not every criminal justice attorney can handle a DWI case no matter the years of experience as a licensed attorney.

A reputable DWI attorney should have experience in DWI cases specifically and also have a good background understanding of Texas DWI laws.

“Experienced” criminal defense attorneys means that the lawyer had handled a case similar to your before and hence have a lot of knowledge on how to approach your case to achieve dismissal of your case, reduced fines, or less probation.

The Your Criminal Attorney in Austin Wisely

Choosing a very expensive Austin DWI firm does not guarantee you success. Some of these big firms do not have a good ground when it comes to drunk driving charges. On the other hand, local attorneys may have a good social network with even the judges and hence can influence the outcome of your case.

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Seek Out Reviews from Their Former Clients

Online reviews have high chances of directing you to a good Driving While Intoxicated lawyer, consider the reviews of different clients and note their arguments about a canceled appointment, raise in fees or communication issues. However, one negative review should not discourage you as that may be from a client who was charged with a felony but expected dismissal of their case.

Consider Personal & Professional Referrals

Consulting friends and relatives who have been charged with a crime before can be a good source of good DWI attorney. A personal referral is a good start as you can visit their office to know more about their qualification.

Lawyers of all fields have a tight network, and therefore if you have ever used a lawyer before, you can use that lawyer as a professional reference.

Attorneys in Austin Can Be Costly, Choose Wisely

Most expensive criminal attorneys in Austin who take on DWI cases are not the best performers, you should, therefore, go for a lawyer who has a fair cost, and this is because the fines may have financially tortured you.

With the above tips, you will be able to find an excellent attorney who will leave you in a better position than before in relation to your DWI charges.

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