Shoplifting Leads to Robbery & Theft

It seems like one of the most common crimes that people are most likely to commit is shoplifting.

I can see how this happens. A fool walks into a Walmart or Target store, or some other department store, sees an opportunity to get over, or what they think is one, then steals something that doesn’t belong to them. A crime has been committed, and for the most part, the fool is arrested.

Then they can escalate the severity of their criminal activity to armed robbery and burglary. It has been proven that shoplifting has always been the very first theft related criminal act that people try before they move to bigger crimes. This is more than enough of a reason to make sure that your children never consider shoplifting as something that can be a fun and harmless crime. This is basically a gateway crime that leads to serious felonies later on, down the road.

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