Sex Crime Allegations & Texas Law

Accused of Sexual Assault in Houston?

Reach Out To a Qualified Lawyer As Soon As Possible

If you, a relative, or other loved-one were accused of a sex crime in Houston or elsewhere in the great state of Texas, your best option is to reach out to an experience sex crimes lawyer that’s focused on defending people accused of felony offenses.

Convictions for sexual felonies can result in serious prison time, massive fines, and the potential for a long-term or lifetime sex offender registration requirement. In fact, persons convicted of sex crimes may not live in some communities and may even be barred from engaging in some professions. Even some schools and institutions of higher learning won’t allow sex offenders to enroll and become students.

In some cases, the lives of innocent people are damaged by false claims of rape, sexual assault, indecency with a child. Jack B. Carroll & Associates, a Houston law firm that’s focused on defending people accused of sex crimes, has often defended men who were accused of sex crimes during child custody disputes, business dealings, and political campaigns. They know how to defend both those who are victims of false accusations, and those who are guilty.

Are You Guilty of a Houston Sex Crime?

Individuals who are guilty of committing a rape, sexual assault, possessing child pornography, or any other criminal sex act, should not give up all hope and certainly shouldn’t assume they’ll be found guilty in the court of law. Although innocent people are found guilty often, courts don’t always find guilty individuals guilty. It could be because of a technicality, lack of evidence, or due to a jury not believing the defendant is guilty. That’s not to say that guilty people shouldn’t be jailed, it is to say that the benefit of having solid and smart defense counsel is often not realized until someone who should be locked-down for 20 years walks free with a not-guilty verdict.

Are You Innocent of Sex Crime Allegations?

If you’re innocent of allegations of a sex crime in Houston you’ll need to find the best lawyer you can in the shortest amount of time possible. In fact, innocent folks usually need better lawyers than those who are guilty because they have more to lose that they don’t deserve to lose.

They’re life is on the line.

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Even if you’re falsely charged with prostitution and are facing a misdemeanor charge, it’s worth fighting the charge. You should certainly reach out to a top lawyer if you’re dealing with a criminal charge that may be seem as sexual in nature.

All sex crimes, with the exception of 1st and 2nd offense prostitution cases, are felony offenses in the state of Texas. If convicted of a sex crime you’ll face a prison sentence ranging from six months to life. State jail felony convictions carry sentences which range from 6 months to 2 years, but more serious offense can result in a 2-to-20 year sentence or a sentence of up to 99 years.

Aggravated sexual assault and continuous sexual assault of a child are the offense which will result in a harsher sentence if the defendant is adjudged as guilty.

Sex Crime Allegations & Texas Law

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