A Lawyer That Seems To Care

In my humble opinion, I feel that it goes without saying that most lawyers in Texas don’t give one damn about their clients as much as they do their retainership fees. I know this is an echo of how others may feel about attorneys, but one must not pass judgement on every lawyer currently in practice.

It simply isn’t true.

Far too often, as people, we judge entire groups of people on the basis of the actions of a few, and as a combined public brain trust, we should be smarter than that.

The sad truth is that collectively, we as a general public are quite dumb to put it simply. (hint hint)

Then comes along a special attorney that seems to not only have the pulse of the people, but one that can also verbalize it with a touch of eloquence. Enter, Tad Nelson.

If I was ever facing an appearance in a criminal court in Texas, I would want a board attorney like this guy in my corner.