Insurance Helps in Car Accident Situations

I was headed home after a very busy day. The weather was great and all was wonderful with the world. My favorite song came on the radio, so I of course had to boost the volume to 10. Bobbing my head to the melody and all was right with life at that moment. Nearing the intersection to my home, I began thinking about what I would cook for dinner when out of no where…..BANG!!!!! Bambi just hit me!

I was truly startled because I did not even see the little fury offender coming, but the true startle came when I stepped out of my car and saw the side mangled from Bambi trauma. I didn’t know what to do. I was angry and confused, but all was relieved with one phone call.

My vehicle was not totally disabled, so I was able to drive home and when I arrived, I call my great insurance agent. I explained my mishap with the unruly wildlife, vented all of my frustration about that (and about many other issues), my agent listened patiently and attentively. After all of my ranting and raving, a voice of reassurance came back to me. My Progressive Insurance agent had to deal with the attorney I hired as my Houston Car Accident Lawyer, and lucky for me, they  only had a couple of questions for me and then began the process of rehabilitation for me and the car.

First an appoint was made for me with a local body repair shop in my area. The agent gave me the choice of where I wanted my vehicle to be worked. I was able to send my car to a trusted mechanic in my area. I was familiar with his work and his family. Now how do I get to work? That was no problem either. The agent then put me in touch with car rental agencies. I live in a small city, so this part wasn’t easy, but the agent was kind, patient and vigilant.

By the end of the phone call, I had everything taken care of. I would drop my car off to my mechanic in the morning and an agent from the rental car company would be waiting for me so that I could get to work in a timely manner. Other than a few minutes of self inflicted panic and talking with my attorney, life was fine. It carried on seamlessly. My car was soon repaired and I only had to pay a small deductible. As I reflect on this day, I realize the absolute need for insurance and how much it really helps.

There are times when I complain within myself about this extra bill, but it really was a lifesaver this time. My agent was wonderful, knowledgeable and helpful. As far as Bambi, I believe he still lives in my back yard. This was a happy ending for all. Insurance Helps!

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