On Death Row with Douglas Feldman

Back in 1998 a man named Doug Feldman killed to truck drivers up in Dallas due to road rage. After being sentenced to death row in Texas, he was eventually executed for his crime of murder.

The featured movie is a documentary produced by “Investigation Discovery” about Douglas Feldman’s experience on death row and also offers a look inside Texas Death Row.


  • Douglas Feldman didn’t believe in talking and holding conversations with guards because he feels its inappropriate because they are imprisoning him for murder.
  • Douglas_Feldman_as_a_child

    Douglas Feldman as a child.

    David Waddell, first officer to respond to the scene of the shooting, was also interviewed in the documentary. He stated that he pulled up along side of the big rig and noticed bullet holes in the trailer trailing from the back of the truck on up to drivers door. He found the truck driver dead on the crime scene. Witnesses reported that a man on a motorcycle committed the shooting.

  • Douglas Feldman’s mother also spoke and said when he was a child, around 10 years of age, he burgled a home, used drugs, and stole guns. He has serious anger management problems from the age of 8 years old and threatened to kill his mother with butcher knives at the age of 8 years old.
  • He also pulled a gun on his older brother in response to friendly taunting.
  • The brutal killing of the two truck drivers occurred on Expressway 75 north of Dallas, TX. The crime scene was over a half mile long.
  • Douglas killed those two truck drivers because they veered too close to his bike. Witnesses said the shooting was like one of the scenes right out of a movie. The other truck driver was killed at an Exxon gas station while he was refueling the pumps.

According to reports, Feldman was busted because he cut his own hair in an attempt to change his appearance which tipped of a neighbor causing the police the subsequently arrest him. He also was seen to be guilty when he started coaching and chastising him while unknowingly being observed by police video surveillance equipment.

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