Gangs and Sports

There has always been talk that gangs and sports are inextricably linked although gang member are often excluded from sports, yet, athletes end up involved in gang life ala Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots as a perpetrator, or as a victim as in the case of star running-back Jamail Shaw who was killed by a gangster.

In many cases, some athletes retain their gang memberships with organized sports turning the other cheek to the matter. However, many sports organizations are beginning to take a closer look at the potential of gang affiliation among the ranks of their athletes.

A number of families lose their young to gang violence, which in my view, is directly related to the amount of money diverted from education to build sports stadiums for professional teams. With the federal government involved in education expect matters to get worse.

Preventing young people from joining gangs and becoming juvenile criminals should be a focus of the public-private partnerships that are behind major sports, but they aren’t.