DUI Special – A DWI Documentary

Don't Drink and Drive - DWI - DUI

The following is a riveting documentary about the impact of driving while intoxicated. In this documentary we are given an opportunity to see the effects of drunk drivers, who caused loss of life as a result of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, on the families of their victims, themselves, and on society at large.

It is considered one of the most frequently committed crimes, a crime we all suffer from. This program takes a close look at the devastating impact of drinking and driving. Featured are the stories of several families whose lives have been dramatically altered, shattered by one moment in time and the decision to drink and drive. Source

The epidemic of people being killed as a result of drunk driving is devastating, and this documentary takes a sharp look at the phenomenon from the perspective of a few families that have been closely effected by the loss of loved ones as a result of drunk motorists who have taken to the roads in their vehicles while intoxicated.

Intoxicated drivers are the leading cause of death on Texas roadways when alcohol related automobile accidents are involved. People tend to think it can’t happen to them or their family, but the reality of the matter is that people die everyday on the road at the hands of drunk drivers.

Its estimated that as much as 35% of all traffic related fatalities come as a result of mixing alcohol with the task of driving. A number of the people involved in car accidents in which people die are normally young people between the ages of 15 and 25.

DUI Cases can Destroy a Family

Regardless of if we’re talking about the family of a person who has fallen victim to intoxicated manslaughter, or the person accused of a committing the offense, DUI cases in which a loss of life is sustained is tragic for all involved parties. Whether its the family of the victim that must pay for medical, ambulance, and burial expenses, or the family of the driver who killed innocent people and must go to jail, the situation is bad for everyone involved.

DUI Accidents Can Happen Fast

It can happen in a split second. You’re driving home after a date or party while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are struggling to stay awake and keep your eyes open and on the road. During one slip of the eyelid you ease over into oncoming traffic and BANG! There is a serious car accident as a result of a driver being drunk and attempting to operate complex machinery while endangering the lives of others.

A felony offense which can up to 20 years in a Texas penitentiary.

No family is ever prepared to receive news of the death of loved as a result of intoxicated manslaughter, or news that a loved one is in jail as a result of killing someone because they “chose” to driving while intoxicated.

A lot of beautiful people, many of which had their full lives ahead of them, have died as a result of irresponsible drivers. No family deserves to shed tears, and suffer the loss of a loved one, as a result of such criminal negligence on the part of the fellow man who chooses to ingest inordinate amounts of liquor prior to driving on public thoroughfares.

People Charged with DUI and DWI Cases

When a person is found guilty of intoxicated manslaughter in the court of law, the criminal penalties can amount to jail time of up to 20 years in the state of Texas. In the Texas Prison System, inmates don’t take too kindly to people who couldn’t handle their liquor and ended up killing innocent people. This violates some sort of “prison code” if that makes any sense to you.

Then there is the guilt of conscious. Knowing you are responsible for the death innocent people as a result of a fatal car accident is enough to drive anyone crazy.

DUI’s Are a Huge Problem in Houston

In some major cities as many as half of all traffic fatalities are alcohol related. Its important to remember that driving is privilege and not a right. Any arrest related to drugs or alcohol, will result in a drivers license suspension in Texas. There is also the new practice of checkpoints to check for drunk drivers. Although many people feel this is an unconstitutional practice, the police do it anyway. Seeing as the federal government doesn’t care about the Constitution of the United States, why should local law enforcement?

About every 20 minutes in Texas, someone is hurt or killed in a crash involving alcohol. We urge you to take responsibility for your actions. Don’t drink and drive. Source: Texas Department of Transportation

Drivers Still Have Rights

Although identifying impaired drivers in Galveston and Houston is as important as getting them off the road, if it has to be at the expense of the rights of the innocent then it isn’t worth it.

If you ever talk with a Houston DWI Attorney, they’ll tell you the police don’t see a problem with the violating of drivers rights when it comes to quelling the number of intoxicated drivers on Texas roads.

This is where a Houston or Galveston DWI attorney with a high competence in related defense strategy can come in handy. Regardless of the criminal charge, we all have rights that must be protected and a day in court if ever accused of driving while intoxicated in Harris County or Galveston County.

Consequences For Convicted Drunk Drivers

Once a person is convicted of a criminal offense involving a criminal offense related to “Driving Under The Influence”, and found guilty of a felony DWI, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Living in a prison cell, or in a prison dormitory with a number of killers and gangsters, is like living in a primitive community, in close quarters, with some of the most savage people that society has to offer. In prison, people are killed, stabbed, and beat on a daily basis by other prisoners, and some cases, fully suited and booted correction officers.

Don't Drink and Drive - DWI - DUI

While in jail, there will be routines that you will be forced to partake in on a daily basis, the constant reminder that you have lost your freedom, and food with a horrible nature like no other. Its important to understand that one mistake can destroy your life. If you drive drunk and kill someone on accident, you are looking at 20 years in prison.

Don’t drink and drive!

Drinking and driving is no accident, its all about choice. Alcohol related accidents can be prevent, but we have to stop drinking and driving. We can’t be drinking and leaving bar and restaurants thinking we can do it. We should never risk it.

If you do happen to make the mistake of drinking and driving, talk with a Houston DUI attorney or a Galveston DWI lawyer who has experience fighting criminal cases involving DWI allegations.

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